The Panda – Iconic, Ionic and (somewhat) Ironic flickr photo by Ken and Nyetta shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license I felt like engaging in some “blogging archaeology” earlier today, and found some real gems. Rounded up some political/non-political fiction for your perusal. Let me know what you think! A Wasteland President, Part 1 (It’s actually part of a much larger saga that I never ended up finishing. It’s about President Trump waking up in post-apocalyptic Florida. Teams up with the Obamas). 5:31am, Part 1 (This one is a real blast from the past, has over a dozen installments. Well […]

Blogging Archaeology

I found a fish that looks like Nixon. Holy crap, it’s December 31st. Reflecting on the past twelve months seems a little arbitrary, but I’ll give it a try. It’s difficult, reflecting in a way that’s authentic. Usually, authenticity is spirited away by such phrases as “it’s been a helluva year,” or “Listing tragedies. With Periods. Even though they don’t affect me. 2016. Dramatic use of periods. Bring it on, 2017, I’m courageous and beautiful.” That was 2016, when all the stars fell from the sky. 2017? Unfortunately, I’ll have to use periods here and there to describe this past […]

2017. A Fish That Looks Like Nixon. A Midwestern Polar ...

So, in my last post, I rambled about wanting to start a new blog, and then rambled some more about which topic I should blog about. There are just so many options. I really want to start another politics blog, but am afraid the market might be saturated with that kind of thing, or maybe I just haven’t found an interesting angle for it yet. The list for topics looks something like this:   Politics A blog about blogging (a little generic, imo) Psychology (interesting, a pet preoccupation throughout the years) Country Livin’ Television Review site Fiction writing   While […]

Different Blogging Topics

Haven’t written a blog post in a long, long time. I’ve decided to write a fairly boring one, just to flex those muscles again! Not sure what to write about. I live in the country now. That’s a start. It’s very quiet. I hear the ticking of clocks, like the kind you’d read about in the prologue to a horror story. If nothing else, those maddening “tick tocks” give your brain a much-needed background in which to think. Let’s see. I’m trying to figure out the direction of this blog, and whether or not it makes sense to start a […]

Deciding to Get Back into the Blogging Game

Apparently, you can use the like button too frequently. Strange. I wasn’t aware there was a cap. I understand that cuts down on spam, but as another blogger said, I go through spurts of both reading and interacting…which I guess some might deem as “spamming.” Anyway, maybe “objectively” I clicked the button too quickly and repeatedly, but I’m still a person. Worthy of respect and having his “like” button back. Admittedly, I might have gotten a little crazy with it, but unless you set a clear limit on something, I’m probably going to exceed it. It’s what it means to […]

All of a sudden, his life changed…

Blogging feels like “sending products down an assembly line” sometimes. A post has to be similar enough to what came before. Which makes sense for the readers. And it’s not like this is particularly insightful. I’ve written about this before.  But it’s a recurring theme that I find a little frustrating. Sometime frustration with a structure begets that structure. Vigilance towards a pattern can heighten it. “A man who says the same thing twice turns himself into a broken record.”  

Blogs and Capitalist Packaging

Boy. This is a tough one.  What helps with sustaining motivation to write for your blog? I find it has very little to do with a personal philosophy. “Just do it for fun. Do it to explore your interests and maybe gain some contacts along the way.” Sure, it’s a suitable enough premise. More than that though? I find it’s the habit itself that propels you to be productive. You find it has become a habit when you don’t have access to make a post, etc. Like any habit, it will sustain itself with very little conscious effort on your […]

Blogging and the Key to Motivation

Is it worth it to have more than one blog? There’s a common refrain that says that splitting your resources doubles your chances of winning. In the blogoverse though, is that often the case? Juggling even just two blogs will challenge your reserves of discipline, for one thing. You’ll have to constantly be vigilant that your second blog is getting an adequate amount of attention to justify its existence. If you have two blogs, one will always be subservient to the other While you can combat this tendency by being vigilant that you post in either blog an equal amount, […]

Blogging and Splitting Your Resources

Does your blog lack focus? Does it matter?  I guess it makes sense that a blog should center on one topic or theme. That way, you at least can count on that blog to kick out the kind of content that you’re looking for. Writers find their niche, and those interested in the topic will find their content. This seems fairly simple. But what if you are interested in a variety of topics and wish to write about all of them while garnering a respectable audience? Why just the other day I was talking about being indecisive about writing about […]

Blogs That Focus on a Single Topic

Seems fairly simple. To engage the reader you must be authentic. But the challenge to gain a robust following extends beyond this. You also have to be original. However, my theory is that originality is a positive side-effect of authenticity. How Authenticity Fosters Originality “Sometimes you just gotta be you” Everyone is familiar with the old saying. What actually happens when one strives for authenticity? If you spend a significant amount of time cultivating a public image to the exclusion of personality traits that are unique, then “being you” is that image. So, the quest for authenticity is an organic […]

Engaging the Reader and Authenticity

The Perfect Keyboard It’s strange but true. When blogging, the perfect keyboard can make all the difference. I like it when the keys give off a certain “punch” when you press on them. Keys feel nice and smooth too. The “WASD” and directional keys are a nice dark red while the rest are black. The keyboard also sports slick volume and play/pause controls. With the press of a button, I can perform a google search. I’m not playing god here, just enjoying the fruits of technology. Finally, there’s a little decline at the bottom of the keyboard that practically begs […]

To Blog Or Not to Blog, part 2

Or, specifically, to blog or not to blog about a particular topic. In other words, in this fast-paced and hectic world, what do you blog about? The goal is to reach a fairly sizable audience to some degree while maintaining authenticity. There are just so many topics to consider writing about though. Here are a couple of topics I’m considering. Writing Writing’s a good egg. Always has been. However, it feels a little too free-floating. I can see myself writing in nearly any genre (hell, even romance and its hillbilly cousin, vampire romance). But that’s the problem. Anything goes. That seems true […]

To Blog or Not to Blog