Following hot on the heels of this post, I’m going through some of my older posts to uncover some buried gems. I’ve only had this blog for a couple of months, but when I re-read some older posts it seems like years ago (“The Politics Effect?”). Anyway, enough of my pontificating. Cosmic Record Keeping The Sun Made a Promise Patterns of the Sand and the Sea Even press secretaries need love He trips. He soars. Pure ‘N Salty An Arid Man  

Poetry and Amnesia

Not all keys are shaped like keys He found that out the hard way Sometimes they are shaped like medals Not necessarily earned But infallible anyway His entourage waited in the shadows “Only niche journalists would care about them” He thought They waved and smiled dutifully He smiled back when the cameras weren’t looking They weren’t so bad They just needed a little training was all New suits New haircuts New reputations Sometimes the little things Could go a long way

The Keys to a Kingdom (Donald Trump’s Psyche)

His lips were stretched into a perfect line Perfect and pious Straight and flawless Pence preens his suit For the inauguration ceremony Maybe a trim is in order Everything has to be “just so” Line up the conspiracy theories They’re important too Save the most poetic lines For a human that’s smooth all over But behind it all Behind the glitter and confetti Stands the shadow of an elephant piercing a lion “Those nutty puppets peddling their theories” Though similar structures can’t be ignored When you place them side by side (Recent Posts) Trump is More Than Just the Man […]

President Pence Steps Off a Tainted Carousel

He was a man against time Fiddling with hands that weren’t his Now the clock says “all hands of board” So the ship points to waters twinkling like crystals But the crystals weren’t of the highest quality The ship sails counter-clockwise Then clockwise A historic clock seemed ready to burst To spill its guts Just wait for that last fat gear It’s of excellent craftsmanship Simply beyond reproach  

Donald Trump, A Man Against Time

Green temples polluted the horizon But she couldn’t escape their all-knowing eyes They knew everything there was to know About nature’s grand plan And the likelihood of majesty surviving to fight another minute She floated alongside them Wanting them to disappear and give way to a plain She just wanted flatness The hills only grew taller though Stopping just short of mountain status Golden nuggets surrounding their bases Were the only things that redeemed their existence She collected a few clusters of the golden treasure Sometimes they flickered, as if they were on a timer There was no point in […]

Green Hills Blur Reality

You’re next Until then Just watch and wait See how I take a little off the sides? Ruffle the top Make everything seem youthful and rebellious Bet you can’t wait To see what I can do for you Once you’ve experienced this kind of hospitality You simply can’t go back Why bother with a magazine When you can gaze upon the art of you looking like him? My hands don’t shake I maintain a heartfelt and robust conversation Even the lighting is perfect Just a little more off the top? Sounds good Watch and wait Your time will come via […]

A little more off the top

He seemed to perfectly meld with the shadows A man wrapped in intrigue The boot was a promotion Seen through the eyes of hungry crowd A tumultuous sea was born that day A captain taking his rusty bucket To the center of the seven seas Now peeling skin replaced shadows It was novelty for the warrior The sail swelled at fragmented threats But the captain held onto his hat Marveling at gigantic red feathers Water devils came from all sides He had it covered The cameras came to his heel The lighting was perfect The water sprayed with absolute perfection […]

A Warrior Leaves His Shadows

An image waits Blurry and taunting your mind’s eye It leads to other images They smile, bursting with color Sounds venture onto the stage too Smells want attention and won’t be ignored So everything falls into place Creating scene after scene Sweet A little mysterious even A living man’s rain Is a dead man’s tale Bringing with it a quilt of green And vague voices rising from lushness Everything was better then Hope sung with a blinding sky Nature spoke to a pair of wet socks They flapped in the torrent Not in any hurry to dry out

Unravel, Ball of Yarn

A noble man is lain flat Across the eagle’s crest The olive branches wait To beat on their mystical drums   Something was happening on that great hill More important than a man laced with cholera Or an independent legal eye Or the expense of jet fuel Compared among giants   Velocity was rearing its ugly head A surreal truth coming home to roost Boasting more voices than a certain man And his liver pills   It was hawk vs. eagle The former delivering those voices with courage Motivated by a cannibal Enriched by friends and fallen foes Crossed like […]

Hawk vs. Eagle

Another century of gathering grass Turning all the blades into pretty bundles Though the green sea couldn’t claim domain Other aspects of nature wanted to be grabbed And transformed   For instance rocks, brains, or even tall buildings They clamored for that transformative hand It spun miracles but had veins and flesh As much capacity as any other corporeal thing   The hand didn’t touch stones or walls directly Laws were its tongue and eyes Feeling and tasting in the dark What a noble pastime Above and far beyond The dirt that stung its pupils


The sun reached its apex again Radiating mischief Giving one hell of an effort Civilization deserved that last hoorah A deep yellow disk conjuring fantasies   So why then did everything go dark? It wasn’t death that brought resentment Just the five stolen hours That were spirited away   A magic number faded Paving the way for a new life Since first impressions mattered most  

The Sun Made a Promise

A robe found immortality Wandering the sands at dusk Scanning the horizon for expired vessels   The cemetery was a ways off It waited for new deliveries But the living didn’t care They were celebrating over the vessels That had once been menacing And the robe wanted to erase Those laughing things Even though they proved to be just peculiar   They continued laughing Becoming goblins or other ghoulish sentinels Taking the grains of the desert and hiding them Inside fading laughter   So the robe decided to bide its time Skirting the goblins Appreciating a long life And waiting […]

The Perfect Hiding Place

A Sun smothered lawn Two arms Two hands One head There nature was Being very symmetrical   Symmetry was a force to be reckoned with When one side dragged its heels The other picked up the slack   That fine day was no exception And in a blink all of the symmetrical things came together As amorphous greens and blues Despite the blurriness Symmetry was still seething Beneath it all  


Time had fallen to the Earth’s molten mantle Hibernating but not dead yet   It was very confused though Knocked upside its head Pondering a broken compass   Everything seemed like archeology nowadays Boring excursions into a past Very similar to the present And the compass stayed broken Obscuring all facets of time Making its three heads Giddy artifacts waiting to be uncovered


Don’t mind him He’s just a burden of the people A hellhound bent on removing a pound of flesh Alongside each transgression Purgings are like spring flowers Lovely but they haven’t reached full bloom Those people once used by the all-seeing hand Know not what is being done to them But it hardly matters As civil servants Let their feet hit majestic roads Emptying various bodies Leaving them husks Though, if you think about it Husks can be revitalized for nearly any purpose You can fear the efficiency of tarnished trumpets They were used for one thing Now for the […]

A Land of Opportunity

A ship sailed clear sunny waters Wondering when words would bring it to life again It waited out the sun as it gave way to its orange tired self The words would have to come soon To maintain efficiency The hull was far from rotting The deck bristling with order Or at least pressed uniforms Clipped smiles And stiff salutes Everything was rightly prosperous Even lovely letters did what they were told Transporting themselves to the proper locales At the right time, the perfect hour Meanwhile, the ship sat suspended In a sea of conflicting orders But uniforms saved the […]

Ghost Ship With Mortal Chains

It was youthful spirits this time That disrupted the flow of reality They faltered before Quivered in the early morning light But their counterparts across the ocean Seized the day and the ballot box Amid various abuses People were threaded Through the eyes of needles Reduced in size to make way for “The next thing to sweep the nation” An immortal thing ebbed and flowed Its cup runneth over Except at the square of existence That contained the lake and the church The thing stopped just short of the square Wondering about that strange language Between the church and the […]

Shadows Fall Across the Lake and the Church

Later, then Put off the snowman The agents clutching rolled-up newspapers Especially the phone cords leading to an ivory tower Of course the old man Twirls them about his fingers Rubbing them against beady eyes Pondering betrayal Sensing more ties being severed It was all his fault The man in the fine white palace Ignoring the land where an agent’s shadow Still looms Shame was forbidden among titans But there it was Glittering like sun-drenched snow Later

The Glasses Are Coming Off

Every forest needs a fire To prune the excess A ranger comes down the hill Choking a hose Arcing it heroically The cabin just stood there, aflame No one was screaming within No signs of hysteria Of impending grace They’ll be rewarded in… …But he couldn’t worry about that Hoses could only stretch so far That was a legitimate thing to worry about As the feral flames rose majestically to the sky Maybe the stream would provide solace Stave off grace for a little while And so he went to the river And returned to a husk being consumed by […]

Fire cleanses the ranger

Another minute down Sand still faced timeless structures So it turned to something less intimidating A person thing Not a person A thing He trod on grass Bedewing the green carpet With a mist of his own But dew from a man wasn’t enough Such a thought was hubris That it would be enough He had to try, though To escape from the heartland’s prison Or his own warped version That was mapped onto great plains Sinking into grain silos Rotting cows and the sides of barns Tainting the grass on which he stood Painting the sky a delicious pink […]

A person, a thing

The fetid breath of a broken man Created a massive universe Radical Carnage Epic Disaster Shock to the Hillside Fuzzy brains just want coffee But it’s too late for that And too early for “Two-Toes Swamp Dweller” It’s also true that language Doesn’t usually address glaciers Or pockets of warmth in the Aquatic Kingdom Just give it a shot next time When the earth hits reset And governments decide For the same structure then as now In a unifying miracle Maybe the glaciers will give you curt nods A sign of respect They will hold the line As they are […]

The Universe of Fetid Breath

Checking the lights The stove, the oven mitt for rodents Doors locked Cover windows The third and final time Sleep was calling But ears had other things on their minds They were citizens Chips above the shoulders Of a mediocre man But he was more dedicated than the rest At least he thought so Checking everything one last time The rodents for oven mitt Windows locked…doors cover… He was getting sleepy Those heavy lids were disobedient Still, duty called He had to keep going Instinct

The Sentinel

Just wait The immersion will come Swiftly and extending its arms To enfold the grass and the delta In loving arms But luggage will fall from the sky Ruining any sense of cosmic justice Uniforms will spread across the lush land Looking for trinkets Or bent reading glasses Loving the rules that structured this hunt And so they will put on latex gloves Bend in the proper manner Regulations A-F didn’t mention anything about A bottle of snake vertebrae ensconced by a tree trunk Time capsules will follow their own rules Manipulating the universe so that discovery respects Proper timelines […]

Cosmic Record Keeping

A few hundred more sessions left This record was practically immortal It would outlast this thin strip A private world on its last legs Even the lightbulbs would die Before the music The clumps of dust would have a falling out Rats would scurry to a fresh alcove of the world Bacteria would flee to a new host All harbingers to something better than them Something infinitely more tragic In a way it was inspiring to think That a non-sentient record Would outlive a billion neurons By several hundred sessions And maybe a lonely soul would hear the record’s death […]

One more time

Another spy fell through a cloud Wondering where her next meal would come from And if the moon and stars would break her fall Apparently not So many murmurs to follow As if they were diseases to be hunted down Their rise to power etched in the foreheads Of the well-off But they wouldn’t admit it Too much at stake An oil baron was chugging coffee at the local cafe He did so with apparent abandon Unaware of the pathogen racing through his veins This was real Something to be remembered She would warn him, then extract payment for a […]

An hour before nightfall

A suit wandered the coastline, sensing disaster What would the collar and tie say tomorrow He was the mouthpiece for everything on the brink It was his civic duty Too much to bear He just wanted a good night’s sleep Or even a little sympathy To douse the dry criticism of the wee hours But an upside down flag was all he could hope for A little absurdity to make the pain go away Then the flag seemed to wilt And the alarm clock buzzed A new day More chewing gum No on really got it He was all alone […]

Even press secretaries need love

No longer a he, it wandered the world Observing the growth of shrubs in precarious sequence So many things narrowly avoided death 3% was a glorious dimension where anything could happen It didn’t want to say anything To alert them to hidden patterns and possibilities Talking was a thing of the past Communication too The sand turned into miniature golden tornadoes But that wasn’t enough Everything persisted and became stale It decided to take matters into its own hands To dive into the sea Rusting like a fucking bucket Schools of fish ignored him Sharks sniffed cautiously before turning skittish […]

Patterns of the Sand and the Sea

Another morning Facing the glitz of a vibrant city So many routes to choose from Involving humans Or their favorite mutated canines She coveted that sweet skyline A futuristic vein running through it That would convey her at a languid pace To a pimple about to burst with academics But it was too soon to talk about them Yeah A little too soon Why not enjoy the timeless balconies And the pink rays of a fledgling sun as they bounced Off reflective surfaces From above The canines seemed like shepherds As it should be via Daily Prompt: Abstract


President Park-Geun-hye was removed from office following a unanimous decision by eight judges. What exactly is poetic about this? I don’t know. I guess she looks peaceful in repose amid the deployment of the THAAD system. A twenty-one gun salute in this day and age. Politicians can’t rest in this wicked sunless camp called the world we now live in. You know, just a couple of months ago I was sitting in front of the television thinking that I had captured obama’s face in a potato chip. Now everything seems absurd and you know that you can’t go home again. […]

South Korean President Impeached

Don’t look now It’s that word again “Nuance” Creeping up on rigid pillars Weaving its way through Dark suburban bedrooms And majestic kempt lawns Stealing the thinking man’s hardhat It needs to be expunged Because categories are so delightful Who is nuance, a word among many To challenge that? Complexity is just trying to be sneaky Corrupting the natural order of 100 years ago And buildings were demigods Words from the academy sacrosanct The grey-haired shamans from a simpler time Reveled in anarchy The economy was also good Because it would bend to your mind A seething complex thing that […]

Simple good

He could see them through the door Sitting and laughing Not even anticipating him But he was anticipating them With a nervous light A palpable energy The teacher threw her head back, laughing with the rest of them He tried to conjure images of a more pleasant occasion Kicking a football off a water tower at night Hearing his friends laugh and watching as the bright beams From flashlights bounced around with aplomb Then the nervous energy invaded the sweet night in question A brilliant, nausea inducing sphere radiated blinding white The night was over His friends scattered The football […]

It was settled, then

Majesty was leading the way Ignoring the ever-fracturing green emerald above Capping their ambitions, making them seem small and pointless But Majesty only had one To get to a safe spot To ride out that profusion of color It was becoming more fidgety With each second the storm developed The tail would be birthed A freak that the rest of nature hated Majesty knew that tail would be malicious Its origins were too quick to ponder Quickness and order were strange bedfellows The student tried to keep up with Majesty The canine was loosing all sense of loyalty Only that […]

A Tragic Ball of Fur

Standing at the edge of a field The student wondered how the storm would develop Would it spawn a tri-state tornado? What would happen then? Destruction? A mini-apocalypse becoming part of the town’s varied And fascinating history? Maybe a tourist booth would be placed at the epicenter of the disaster After it was all said and done “The great twister of ’97 cut a swath through the supermarket belt” How long would the threatening dark tail last Against that great green sky? And certainly in the best case scenario The other two states would compete Saying their disaster was more […]

If all goes well

It seemed dangerous Claustrophobic Death wouldn’t throw stone knives At you from above That would be inappropriate Rude Unseemly It can’t have a media spectacle Too much attention Attention was deadly Then death itself might be wiped out Or at least be an endangered species Threatened to within an inch of its life Unacceptable Deplorable Reprehensible Better to stick to the tried and true Down here among the shadows and torchlight With wary subterranean citizens thinking of you As a vague possibility at best A concrete certainty to befall others at worst This is good This is very good

Stalactite fury

They swarm in and out Agents of Empire Brandishing imperial writs Given life under a distracting cloud They do as please Waiting for the next writ The red royal seal making their hearts Go aflutter One day the orders ceased No calming slips of paper To heal fresh cracks So they decided to write their own Until the lights came back on What fun they were having Trying to mimic the language That air of fractured authority Once done they gazed at their handiwork Everything looked great Ts were crossed, Is were dotted They pinned it to the wall Hoping […]

The lights will cease