Seems fairly simple. To engage the reader you must be authentic. But the challenge to gain a robust following extends beyond this. You also have to be original. However, my theory is that originality is a positive side-effect of authenticity. How Authenticity Fosters Originality “Sometimes you just gotta be you” Everyone is familiar with the old saying. What actually happens when one strives for authenticity? If you spend a significant amount of time cultivating a public image to the exclusion of personality traits that are unique, then “being you” is that image. So, the quest for authenticity is an organic […]

Engaging the Reader and Authenticity

Another spy fell through a cloud Wondering where her next meal would come from And if the moon and stars would break her fall Apparently not So many murmurs to follow As if they were diseases to be hunted down Their rise to power etched in the foreheads Of the well-off But they wouldn’t admit it Too much at stake An oil baron was chugging coffee at the local cafe He did so with apparent abandon Unaware of the pathogen racing through his veins This was real Something to be remembered She would warn him, then extract payment for a […]

An hour before nightfall

Another morning Facing the glitz of a vibrant city So many routes to choose from Involving humans Or their favorite mutated canines She coveted that sweet skyline A futuristic vein running through it That would convey her at a languid pace To a pimple about to burst with academics But it was too soon to talk about them Yeah A little too soon Why not enjoy the timeless balconies And the pink rays of a fledgling sun as they bounced Off reflective surfaces From above The canines seemed like shepherds As it should be via Daily Prompt: Abstract


Don’t look now It’s that word again “Nuance” Creeping up on rigid pillars Weaving its way through Dark suburban bedrooms And majestic kempt lawns Stealing the thinking man’s hardhat It needs to be expunged Because categories are so delightful Who is nuance, a word among many To challenge that? Complexity is just trying to be sneaky Corrupting the natural order of 100 years ago And buildings were demigods Words from the academy sacrosanct The grey-haired shamans from a simpler time Reveled in anarchy The economy was also good Because it would bend to your mind A seething complex thing that […]

Simple good

He could see them through the door Sitting and laughing Not even anticipating him But he was anticipating them With a nervous light A palpable energy The teacher threw her head back, laughing with the rest of them He tried to conjure images of a more pleasant occasion Kicking a football off a water tower at night Hearing his friends laugh and watching as the bright beams From flashlights bounced around with aplomb Then the nervous energy invaded the sweet night in question A brilliant, nausea inducing sphere radiated blinding white The night was over His friends scattered The football […]

It was settled, then

Just a quick random thought. Remember how, what seems like ages ago, the furor caused by the initial immigration ban all but obscured Bannon’s act of slithering into the National Security Council? Well. What is everyone talking about at the moment? Wiretaps. Russians. A revised immigration ban doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention. Barely any by comparison. Seems intention when you look at the patterns that emerge. See the thing that is causing the most controversy, then look for “satellite events” put in motion by the administration. Little things that should be getting more attention.  

Trump’s Presidency of Distraction

Majesty was leading the way Ignoring the ever-fracturing green emerald above Capping their ambitions, making them seem small and pointless But Majesty only had one To get to a safe spot To ride out that profusion of color It was becoming more fidgety With each second the storm developed The tail would be birthed A freak that the rest of nature hated Majesty knew that tail would be malicious Its origins were too quick to ponder Quickness and order were strange bedfellows The student tried to keep up with Majesty The canine was loosing all sense of loyalty Only that […]

A Tragic Ball of Fur

Standing at the edge of a field The student wondered how the storm would develop Would it spawn a tri-state tornado? What would happen then? Destruction? A mini-apocalypse becoming part of the town’s varied And fascinating history? Maybe a tourist booth would be placed at the epicenter of the disaster After it was all said and done “The great twister of ’97 cut a swath through the supermarket belt” How long would the threatening dark tail last Against that great green sky? And certainly in the best case scenario The other two states would compete Saying their disaster was more […]

If all goes well

They swarm in and out Agents of Empire Brandishing imperial writs Given life under a distracting cloud They do as please Waiting for the next writ The red royal seal making their hearts Go aflutter One day the orders ceased No calming slips of paper To heal fresh cracks So they decided to write their own Until the lights came back on What fun they were having Trying to mimic the language That air of fractured authority Once done they gazed at their handiwork Everything looked great Ts were crossed, Is were dotted They pinned it to the wall Hoping […]

The lights will cease

It’s a common sentiment that journalists are concerned with inadvertently empowering the alt-right through specific types of media coverage. While journalists obviously already embed politics into their reporting, it’s worth considering more of an overt focus on the “political packaging” of articles. This seems like it advocates a deviation from the truth, but journalists might already be perpetuating a type of bias that is already self-harming. For instance, theguardian has noted that liberal groups fear normalizing the views of the White House administration. But a contrary view from the alt-right suggests that painting the administration as being perfectly aligned with […]

Journalists and reforming their “political packaging”

Even off-kilter psychologists have tools of authority at their disposal. Maybe they are slightly mad and revel in their errors, proclaiming them fact. They need only to quote other psychologists, or mimic their philosophies in other ways. Then all of a sudden these uninsightful eccentrics take on a whiff of legitimacy. That legitimacy might be tainted, but its authority isn’t noticeably diminished.

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