Hello to all of my loyal followers. Sorry for the long absence, but I’ve been readying a digital product for release. Probably about six weeks out (maybe a little longer). While writing this ebook, I made an unexpected connection. Even though immigration seems like the hot button issue for Democrats (and it should be), I’m wondering how it will collide with the #MeToo movement. Before delving into that, I want to say that #MeToo is definitely a positive political force. Unfortunately, in this age of spin, counter-spin, and limited political resources, we do have to consider the impact of […]

The #MeToo Movement and #Immigration

Lindsey Graham flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license It doesn’t take the prospect of a government shut down to figure out Senator Lindsey Graham. He’s that Republican Senator from South Carolina. I like his teeth for some reason. Anyway, Graham has had an odd relationship with the President leading up to their current blossoming friendship. During Trump’s campaign, he referred to Trump as a “xenophobic, race-baiting religious bigot.” But Graham has openly acquiesced to Trump winning the 2016 election. “I ran out of things to say. He won,” is essentially the Senator’s position. It […]

Lindsey Graham’s Evolution

Donald Trump flickr photo by Gage Skidmore shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Well, I commented yesterday on Trump’s “shithole” comment. Not much new there, honestly. In many ways, the repetitious displays of racism radiating from the White House make consistent insightful analysis difficult. Decided to watch Don Lemon’s show last night, just to catch up on different opinions. Some toad-lookin’ fella thought it was a good idea to parrot the “It’s all about the economy!” line. We’ve heard this view before, that trump supporters’ real motivation stems from their collective concern about economic prosperity and the jobs flowing […]

Racism and the Economic Hoodwink

Trump flickr photo by IoSonoUnaFotoCamera shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license Or at least, you should think of it as one. During a meeting with House members and Senators on Thursday, President Trump referred to certain countries as “shitholes.” What really boggles the mind at this point is that many outlets are portraying the language as shocking. It makes you wonder what is the correct response. Do we keep defining Trump’s comments as devastatingly surprising, which only appears to fuel the support of his delusional base while framing him with a peculiar mystique? Throughout 2017, Trump was consistently called […]

Trump’s “Shithole” Remark is a Time Machine

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon at CPAC 2017 February 24th 2017 by Michael Vadon flickr photo by Michael Vadon shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Just a quick update on the Steven Bannon situation. He’s decided to leave Breitbart, not necessarily for greener pastures, because there aren’t any. After the political and financial support that Bannon took for granted has been loudly removed, this seemed like the only reasonable course of action. Rebekah Mercer, a high-profile source of financial backing, recently rebuked the former Chief Strategist due to his comments in Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, a book that gives […]

Bannon Leaves Breitbart and Goes Into Exile

Oprah and Barack flickr photo by whoohoo120 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license The big news recently is that Oprah could run for president in 2020. It’s definitely preferable to the mess in the White House that we have now. Some caveats though. While I don’t think she would run on a platform of destruction like the current POTUS, it’s unclear whether or not her unique governing style would be effective, either domestically or when it comes to foreign policy. Another word of caution is that falling for the illusion of competence due to perceiving celebrity status could lead […]

Oprah For President? Celebrity vs. Ideology

“Fire and Fury,” Michael Wolff’s new book, made sure that the New Year started with a roar and not a whimper. While President Trump is chafing under the media’s coverage of a very negative portrayal of the White House, Stephen Bannon ran for the nearest fallout shelter, letting regret pave the way back into the commander-in-chief’s good graces. Bannon said he felt regret over not responding to the book’s claims in a timely fashion, and that the time it took him to respond caused eyes to become diverted from Trump’s great achievements. At least he knows which side his bread […]

“Fire and Fury” Causes Bannon to Seek Shelter

Even though the lines of communication have thawed a little between North and South Korea, President Donald J. Trump isn’t deviating much from his usual tone against the rogue authoritarian state (I guess when you’ve been blogging long enough, you start to phrase things in a quasi-journalistic way, and ignore the hypocrisy of the nation where you’re posting from). Trump has offered a roughed-up looking olive branch to Kim Jong Un. “Sure, I always believe in talking,” was the official response he gave to journalists. But, this comes shortly after he said he had a larger nuclear button than Kim. […]

North Korea: Nuclear State With Higher Ambitions?

Not one to let a sleeping dog lie, POTUS tends to kick a canine when it’s down. See below. Now that Russian collusion, after one year of intense study, has proven to be a total hoax on the American public, the Democrats and their lapdogs, the Fake News Mainstream Media, are taking out the old Ronald Reagan playbook and screaming mental stability and intelligence….. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 6, 2018 Doesn’t seem like a hoax to me, but if you kick that dog enough, something good will happen (“Doubling down” via tweet was his favorite strategy during the […]

Latest Trump Tweetstorm isn’t a Revelation. Pretty Normal Category 1 ...

Seems strange, but the exchange between Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon reminds us how “Hyper-Corporate” the POTUS has molded the US to be. Where once capitalism seethed in the darkness, “it’s just the way things are, not too bad,” it’s come out to play, asserting forcefully that it can kick your ass out the door. Sarah Sanders suggested today that Breitbart should consider firing Steve Bannon. As corporations and government protocol mingle, it’s becoming increasingly hard to separate the two. Is Separation of Church and State the issue here? More like separation of Corporation and State (the former has adopted […]

Bannon Being Fired…Again? Trump Opposes “Separation of Corporation and State.”

  Mr. Bannon is on a collision course with Judge Judy.  Following former White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon’s “inflammatory” comments concerning Trump Jr and his participation in the 2016 Trump Tower meeting, which recently surfaced in a soon-to-be-published book, Trump’s personal lawyer sent a cease-and-desist order to the President’s newest pariah. From what I’m gathering, a cease-and-desist order is more of a firm warning, a harbinger for more serious legal action if one doesn’t, well, desist. It also serves the Trump narrative of threatening legal action if the enemy doesn’t choose to slink back into obscurity. Trump’s legal team is […]

Trump Will Sue! Sue Who? Why, Steve Bannon, Of Course!

Yep. There he is, former President Barack Obama. A recent post in The Guardian got me to thinking. Obama represents the torch of nostalgia, some golden age of American government that’s now long gone (at least to a sizeable swath of the US). While I’m not sure that Trump’s New Year outburst is anything spectacular, to some it highlights a border between the Obama era and this one. Now we should be certain there’s no “going back.” That’s probably true to an extent, considering the hard right has had a taste of supreme leadership. They won’t give up the fight […]

Just a Short Post Before Bed

Look at that stern glare. I’m shaking in my pantaloons. Anyway, Steve Bannon is a curious man. Is he particularly complex? I don’t get that sense, but you have to work with what the media and the personalities that they focus on give you. A new book by Michael Wolff offers hundreds of interviews, and the one that is the center of this article explores Bannon’s deep relationship with the words “unpatriotic” and “treasonous.” Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House allows Mr. Bannon to put a halo on his head. A red, white, and blue one, if you […]

Bannon Calls out Treasonous Trump Jr. and Supports FBI

Sorry for disappearing yesterday (as I don’t want to disappoint my legions). 2018. The expectations seem fairly high, and are centered, justifiably or not, on the Trump administration and the various domestic and international crises attached to it, and the tweets. Oh **** the tweets! A CNN article sums up the stakes well enough. Most view 2018 as the year that will bring everything to a head. Is that view accurate, though? The expectations have been building since January 2016. A would-be dictator took to the stage. Some perceived this not necessarily in dictator terms, but someone who would bring […]

2018’s Political Drama. Boom or Bust?

I found a fish that looks like Nixon. Holy crap, it’s December 31st. Reflecting on the past twelve months seems a little arbitrary, but I’ll give it a try. It’s difficult, reflecting in a way that’s authentic. Usually, authenticity is spirited away by such phrases as “it’s been a helluva year,” or “Listing tragedies. With Periods. Even though they don’t affect me. 2016. Dramatic use of periods. Bring it on, 2017, I’m courageous and beautiful.” That was 2016, when all the stars fell from the sky. 2017? Unfortunately, I’ll have to use periods here and there to describe this past […]

2017. A Fish That Looks Like Nixon. A Midwestern Polar ...

It’s official, President Trump is worried about the 2018 midterms. So much so that changes within the White House are imminent. Johnny DeStefano, already a part of the White House staff, as well as a seasoned Washington Insider, will be given the reins over four West Wing Offices. As if that weren’t enough, the White House is pursuing another political strategist. The Alabama Senate race proved to be doubly embarrassing, because his endorsing candidates in the primary and general elections failed to produce results. Roy Moore might still refuse to concede, but a failure in politics is heard a thousand […]

President Trump and the Calm Before the 2018 Storm.

Unfortunately, I can’t write a long message today, I’m off to the movies! (PT Barnum). Some quick “headlines” Roy Moore is still at it. He hopes to postpone the certification of the election results. Relentless predator business model. You almost wonder if he plans to run for President in 2020. Would Roy Moore represent the evolution of Trumpism?   Trump’s ferocious legal squad has plans to discredit former national security adviser Micheal Flynn. Not an unpredictable move by the Trump team. Discrediting the other party is normal procedure.   Overall, seems like a fairly boring day in politics land. Wish […]

Please Stand By

What a lovely sounding word: Impeachment. A recent politico article informs us that up to three quarters of the Democratic party are firmly behind the prospect of impeaching Donald Jared Trump. We have the steam, but will the locomotive take us into the station? I’m not sure what that means, but here are a few points to consider anyway. A Divided House Even if Democrats re-take the house, not all lawmakers on the left are on board with impeaching Trump. The reason? It might not be the best move politically, since the best political moves seem to balance short-term politiking […]

Trump Impeachment. Will Your Hopes Come True?

This article in Politico caught my eye. The gist of the piece talks about how Fox News, the outstretched, right-leaning media arm of the Trump administration, is transforming into an outlet that pushes content more in line with Breitbart News. It seems like a debatable point, since Fox News has always veered heavily conservative in its “reporting.” Even so, Fox News is attempting to bump shoulder to shoulder with Breitbart by offering content on its website that is reminiscent of a barbed wire fence. For starters, Fox is beefing up its digital content staff and giving those workers what they […]

Fox News Starts to Taste Like “Breitbart Beef.” A Murky ...

I have to attend to the celebratory part of Christmas in about an hour, but just wanted to send out a quick “Merry Christmas” to all out there that choose to celebrate that sort of thing. Believe it or not, I don’t care if you don’t. Why a picture of Bill O’Reilly? Well, I guess you could say that its purpose is to infuse you not with gratitude, but with a kind of “fiery Christmas passion.” There are people out there that say politics has no place in a laid-back Christmas atmosphere. I disagree. Have a Merry Christmas, and don’t […]

Drive Safely…

Gah! Warn me before you walk into the room and point at me like that! Son of a ****! This is an extension of yesterday’s post, I guess. In that post, I talked about Fox News’ credibility issue, and how the reporting or whatever seems disproportionately released from scrutiny relative to the fireballs President Trump tosses across the fortress barrier at CNN. Fox News releases Trump from criticism, and the POTUS responds in kind. It’s an efficient system. It also resembles state-run media. Fox News achieves it aims in two different ways, probably more since I don’t watch it that […]

Fox News’ Condescension Problem

With all of the recent attacks on CNN by Donald Trump, I have to ask one question: Why the hell are liberals playing defense? It might seem like the media’s left arm is sending one salvo after another, but the corrective response shouldn’t negate the aggressive response Democrats should master. It’s not for want of ammunition, either. Fox News has peddled many conspiracy theories, such as Birtherism and The Seth Rich Murder. While Trump uses the Bully Pulpit to terrorize CNN, CNN often times is playing defense, adopting an overly-apologetic tone for a problem that is rampant within the hallowed halls […]

Fox News’ Credibility Issue

Sounds like a strange concept, doesn’t it? Language policing in the CDC. But it’s true. A list of banned words includes “fetus,” “vulnerable,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “evidence-based,” “entitlement,” and god forbid “science-based.” Are there proper words to describe this word banishment? Vaguely Christian, maybe. is This directive seems to stifle free speech, and in an administration that is oriented to the hard-right, the smothering of free speech will occur in any manner available. If not directly against the public, then the silencing will occur toward an organization that releases information to the public, such as the CDC. What better way to […]

Trump CDC Word Banishment. An Administration Against Free Speech.

I tried to find a polite way to phrase that, but I just couldn’t do it. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? But the grotesque has become picturesque. Another picture highlighting the hubris and naivety of an amusing, broken man. Except there is no escape from this oak tree. The world is vertical (because we’re in an oak tree), and you’re more than likely at the bottom. Here are some of the things we’ll be dealing with this winter (with any luck, it won’t be a nuclear one). Trump Judges (Giving the phrase, “Oh joy, oh rapture!” a whole new meaning!) […]

We’re All Inside a Great Oak Tree Hibernating with Yogi ...

Whoa, what an upset. Alabama hasn’t clutched a democratic senator to its timeless bosom since 1992. That’s a long time. However, in the equally timeless but in a different way Trump era, Mr. Doug Jones becomes so much more. Immediately after defeating anti-establishment puppet/child molester Roy Moore, Doug Jones is seen as the Angel from Alabama that will save Congress from its corrupt ways. HOLD ON JUST A SECOND! Before you dismiss me as just another crazy blogger, let me explain. I don’t necessarily agree with that perspective. Sure, I was a happy little camper when it seemed clear Doug […]

Doug Jones is Chosen by Alabama to be Washington’s Savior

President Donald J. (as in, “jelly doughnut “) Trump is certainly going out of his way to get Roy Moore elected. As if having recently endorsed him twice wasn’t enough, Trump compelled Alabamians to go out and vote for the pistol-totin’ firebrand during his Pensacola rally. The campaigner-in-chief just endorsed a man that glorifies slavery. Anyway, nothing shocking there. It’s safe to say that Trump really, really wants Roy Moore elected to the Senate. He’ll also be flying down to Jackson, Mississippi (which is very close to Alabama) for the opening of a civil rights museum.  Hey, maybe our always […]

Roy Moore: Trump’s Large, Beautiful Christmas Present

President Donald Trump’s stuttering really is the least of my concerns. I’m more preoccupied with his choice to endorse Roy Moore…again. In Trump’s endorsement, he focuses on Republicans’ slim majority, and the apparently hard to swallow liberal views of Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones. There’s no mentioning of Roy Moore’s sexual misconduct against teenagers in his 30s.  And from Trump, why would there be a disparaging speech about that type of behavior? He’ll point the finger at Al Franken and laugh all the way to Wells Fargo. I have to admit, this is all pretty surreal. I can’t remember a time […]

Donald “Tweety Bird” Trump Just Endorsed Roy Moore…Again

Surprise, surprise. Roy Moore has made another  “conveniently” controversial remark. It re-surfaced in a tweet. According to this compromised man, America was great during the era of slavery because families had a deeper sense of unity and caring. Does that ring on his finger transport him back in time, or something? Roy Moore has also disparaged Native Americans and Asians. So, along with this sexual perversions, we are dealing with a white nationalist. What an epic disaster this guy is. We’ve worried about hurricanes in the past, but this guy will be off-the-charts destructive if he manages to get into […]

Roy Moore Glorifies Slavery

Couple of things. I wrote another post concerning the Roy Moore/Doug Jones debacle. You can read up on it here.   Al Franken is resigning! After more women spoke up against the Minnesota Senator, Al Franken finally caved and supposedly will be turning in the satchel and gold-striped pen of office in the coming weeks. Big news. That means another Senatorial seat will be up for grabs. Franken booting himself out is a good thing, but Republicans will also have a chance to bolster their slim majority in that fateful chamber of the legislative branch. I’d like to delve into […]

Al Franken/Roy Moore put Together in a Steamy Cauldron

Weirdly, the Senate race between Christian conservative Roy Moore and Democratic shooting star Doug Jones is a close one. The reason why I said “weirdly” is because such a close race between the conservative and liberal candidates is highly unusual for Alabama. One might be tempted to say that this is simply a symptom of the times. Well, sure, but not necessarily at the national level. A very large percentage of Alabama is “pro-life,” in other words, Doug Jones and his stance on abortion could be the deciding factor in the race. Yes, that means that issues of sexual misconduct […]

Roy Moore, Doug Jones, and Abortion in Alabama

I wrote two blog posts earlier today on the Roy Moore “sitch-e-a-tion.” You can find them here and here. I haven’t had any big revelations since then. I don’t like Roy Moore. I like Doug Jones slightly better, but they’re both chamber pots. Here is the existential question: What good is a pedophilic firebrand anyway? In addition to the usual moral bankruptcy of firebrands, you have perversion of another sort heaped upon it. This extremely heinous man could take the Alabama ticket and run with it with abandon on the road to hell. Not that I’m religious, but sometimes you […]

The “Roy Moore” round up! All fear the firebrand!

You are probably wondering why there is a picture of Rex Tillerson instead of Trump. Well, not everything has to be about the galoot. Except it sort of is about the shamer-in-chief, but also his Secretary Galoot, Rex. He boasted about having a higher IQ than the embattled diplomat. But Donald did the same thing much earlier in his presidency, bashing Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, calling her “low IQ mika.” Even Rex’s latchkey children at the State Department have used the concept of IQ to bash their leader. Unfortunately, I can’t find the link to that. Something about State Department […]

Trump, IQ, and Social Change

I’ve had a hard time encapsulating The Trump Age until very recently. To me, it seems like a waiting period. A narrow world waiting to expand to something much more life-altering. Just a few things. Do all roads lead to North Korea? The Senate just passed a tax plan that favors, odds are, not you! Will a “Rexit” (love that) pave the way for Cotton? Flynn entered a guilty plea Except that the blender-in-chief put rumors to rest that the antipathy-inspiring Secretary of State isn’t going anywhere (although Trump made a point to mention that he “has the final say”). […]

The Trump Age, “An Anxious Corridor”

So, in my last post, I rambled about wanting to start a new blog, and then rambled some more about which topic I should blog about. There are just so many options. I really want to start another politics blog, but am afraid the market might be saturated with that kind of thing, or maybe I just haven’t found an interesting angle for it yet. The list for topics looks something like this:   Politics A blog about blogging (a little generic, imo) Psychology (interesting, a pet preoccupation throughout the years) Country Livin’ Television Review site Fiction writing   While […]

Different Blogging Topics

Haven’t written a blog post in a long, long time. I’ve decided to write a fairly boring one, just to flex those muscles again! Not sure what to write about. I live in the country now. That’s a start. It’s very quiet. I hear the ticking of clocks, like the kind you’d read about in the prologue to a horror story. If nothing else, those maddening “tick tocks” give your brain a much-needed background in which to think. Let’s see. I’m trying to figure out the direction of this blog, and whether or not it makes sense to start a […]

Deciding to Get Back into the Blogging Game

Not much going on today. Working on some freelance writing to pay the bills, and trying to think of titles for my amazon series idea. Worked on novel a bit. Writing a blog post. Sometimes it feels like there are too many projects going. How the hell do you come up with a good title, anyway? The idea is pretty much fleshed out, now I just need a good title. It’s always the damn title that gets me.


Apparently, you can use the like button too frequently. Strange. I wasn’t aware there was a cap. I understand that cuts down on spam, but as another blogger said, I go through spurts of both reading and interacting…which I guess some might deem as “spamming.” Anyway, maybe “objectively” I clicked the button too quickly and repeatedly, but I’m still a person. Worthy of respect and having his “like” button back. Admittedly, I might have gotten a little crazy with it, but unless you set a clear limit on something, I’m probably going to exceed it. It’s what it means to […]

All of a sudden, his life changed…

Just sitting here having a pint of Haagen Dazs’s white chocolate raspberry truffle and thinking about life, specifically getting older. Why do  we choose to cross the mighty Aegean daily? Are the mysteries on the other side fulfilling enough to justify the journey back to mundane shores? Did the elderly Hercules think about the… …I just finished the entire pint of ice cream. If I see it, I eat it. It’s a sad, simple, recurring truth. Anyway, will I be thinking about this expired pint when I am 60? Maybe. Probably not. What will I be thinking about when I […]

Just thinkin’ about life

I was supposed to write another chapter in my political satire story A Wasteland President today, but wasn’t feeling up to the monumental task. I think it’s shaping up pretty well, but am having trouble making the overall plot “cohere.” Is that really it, though? I’ve developed this nasty habit of starting an ambitious yarn only to let it unravel at my feet. Typical hubris of the writer? Possibly. But I have so many ideas at any given time that it is truly difficult to focus on just one of them. Hubris would take too much sustained attention. I have to finish this […]

24 hrs w/o fiction