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The Panda – Iconic, Ionic and (somewhat) Ironic flickr photo by Ken and Nyetta shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license I felt like engaging in some “blogging archaeology” earlier today, and found some real gems. Rounded up some political/non-political fiction for your perusal. Let me know what you think! A Wasteland President, Part 1 (It’s actually part of a much larger saga that I never ended up finishing. It’s about President Trump waking up in post-apocalyptic Florida. Teams up with the Obamas). 5:31am, Part 1 (This one is a real blast from the past, has over a dozen installments. Well […]

Blogging Archaeology

Jared stared out at the lush green “clouds” for awhile, imagining that anything below didn’t warrant his attention because he was so far above them. In reality, they were just trees that would die, and he wasn’t so much far above them as he was just barely. Still, just barely could be stretched to create a world’s length between him and the motley crew below. An angry orange sphere was falling in slow motion through the green canopy dotted with rooftops. Some chimneys jutted from the canopy too, trying to capture their meager slices of color before the moon came […]

State of Emergency, Part 3

It was still dark when Donald raided another Shocko Bell. The stars glittered as he casually devoured the chicken tacos placed haphazardly on his lap. He didn’t know what Barack was on about. Go up to the counter, ask for good, receive food. Simple as that. Plus, he was showing the world that he didn’t need the Secret Service or private jets or adulation to survive. He could survive on the purified nut of mother nature. The parking lot of the Shocko Bell was understandably empty, except for Donald of course. More cow-faced cats prowled beyond the lights provided by […]

A Wasteland President, Part 16

The beloved bat looked forlornly at the wall made up of crushed gallons of milk. His sidekick was looking at the wall too, squinting at the harsh sunlight. “When do you think it will end, Batman?” “The madness, you mean?” “No, I meant the sunlight,” his sidekick said. The beloved bat looked at his sidekick, who was gangly-looking and wearing bright red lipstick. “I don’t suppose you’d consider changing colors? You might look less garish.” The Prince of Green looked at the bat. “Red wards off the run. And besides, it complements my hair.” “I can’t argue with royalty,” the […]

Adam West Fiction “One Final Labyrinth”

Donald quickly closed his eyes and titled his head, in an effort to look unconscious. Unfortunately within less than a minute, he was unconscious, surfing the waves of the day’s events. He was fighting off a giant lyme tick on the shores of a tumultuous sea. James Comey walked casually along the beach, kicking up sand and sea shells. “Comey! Hey!…James!” Donald yelled, but Comey kept walking, head down. As he reached the edge of Donald’s dreamscape, a Bannon orc materialized from a shimmering portal, cutting Comey down and vanishing back through the portal in the blink of an eye. Donald […]

A Wasteland President, Part 15

Trump didn’t know what to do. He was scared, alone, and hungry. And mildly claustrophobic. “I don’t know who to blame,” he whispered. “Mitch, Barack, Michelle. They’re all dirty, as far as I’m concerned.” He slithered through the vents like a snake, wondering where his next meal was going to coming from. But the exercise was erasing his mind. Everything seemed clear now. Bannon wanted the FBI smeared in time for election season. What possible purpose could that serve? “Looks like I underestimated you, Steve. Good job.” Donald was seeing light at the end of the tunnel, even though he […]

A Wasteland President, Part 14

“Look, Mitch, we can talk this over. I’m a good guy. I know you’re a good guy.” “Take a seat,” Mitch said. He shifted for a minute, not giving Donald much eye contact. Trump wondered if the former Senator was feeling guilty. “I’m sure you must be very confused right now. You used to be the most powerful man in the country. Now, you’re…you’re…” “A has-been?” Obama ventured. “I believe we can still put him to good use,” Mitch said, giving the Obamas a blank stare. “How were you able to come up with that theory?” Michelle said, and turned […]

A Wasteland President, Part 13

I was supposed to write another chapter in my political satire story A Wasteland President today, but wasn’t feeling up to the monumental task. I think it’s shaping up pretty well, but am having trouble making the overall plot “cohere.” Is that really it, though? I’ve developed this nasty habit of starting an ambitious yarn only to let it unravel at my feet. Typical hubris of the writer? Possibly. But I have so many ideas at any given time that it is truly difficult to focus on just one of them. Hubris would take too much sustained attention. I have to finish this […]

24 hrs w/o fiction

Trump had a sense of optimism at first. Now this was more like it! The buildings had gold trim. The walkways were clear and he saw a peculiar nobility in the eyes of those he walked past. They brandished gold clubs like they were the most natural, beautiful things in the world. “I thought we were supposed to go to Washington and get some files,” Trump said. “Donald, sometimes you have to understand that life happens in sequence. You can’t just skip ahead to the bits you like.” “That’s not true. Nope. Not true at all. There are a lot […]

A Wasteland President, Part 12

Here is an excerpt from my questionable freshmen effort Metallic Trees Bloom.  ***** It takes several moments for the dust to settle.  The three of you look like archeological finds of a defeated dynasty.   It’s not long before your sad, wonderfully preserved faces twist into activity once more.  Dante is the first to stand up and frantically brush off that clinging layer of dust. You and Sixta clumsily follow suit, awkward follow-ups to the ex-patriot’s graceful movements.  The three of you oscillate your heads, scanning your environment with welcome confusion.   ***** Thought the plot was fairly irredeemable, but some […]

Metallic Trees Bloom (excerpt #1)

“Yes, ma’am!” Zeke said, saluting Mrs. B after squirting more soap into the sudsy dish pile. Everything was humming like clockwork on that magical Sunday afternoon. Tommy tried to hide his happiness from the group. Lamarr was keeping herself occupied with a set of blocks, gurgling strangely but still content. Dad hid behind his exquisite wooden sculptures. He was enjoying a bout of confidence because a very affluent person had purchased an angel statue after receiving a splinter. The buyer said “it was a sign.” Apparently, his dad had two very influential fans. One heavenly, the other, a desperate mortal. […]

5:31am, part 15

Everyone was talking about the hottest new metal band at lunch, called Pinkie Nail Throat Scrape. Apparently, it was the greatest swell of concentrated darkness since Tommy’s favorite band, Death&Carnage, had releases their last album. As Tommy handed his dirty tray to the nondescript lunch lady, he experienced a whiff of nostalgia. Death&Carnage had gotten him through a lot of difficult times, and would probably help him through many more. But maybe he would give PNTS a chance when things became stale with the old gods. Tommy waved goodbye to Kevin and the gang. They were his “lunch friends” and […]

5:31am, part 3