The Panda – Iconic, Ionic and (somewhat) Ironic flickr photo by Ken and Nyetta shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license I felt like engaging in some “blogging archaeology” earlier today, and found some real gems. Rounded up some political/non-political fiction for your perusal. Let me know what you think! A Wasteland President, Part 1 (It’s actually part of a much larger saga that I never ended up finishing. It’s about President Trump waking up in post-apocalyptic Florida. Teams up with the Obamas). 5:31am, Part 1 (This one is a real blast from the past, has over a dozen installments. Well […]

Blogging Archaeology

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon at CPAC 2017 February 24th 2017 by Michael Vadon flickr photo by Michael Vadon shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license It was a rainy night, shortly after his departure from Breitbart News. Bannon sat there in silence, phone in hand. “Should I call? Should I not call? What would Lincoln do?” The rain increased, hitting the windows harder with intentional ferocity, and Bannon shivered. One call could cause the whole world to come crashing down. “I should call! You’d want me to call, wouldn’t you?” Lincoln nodded and quickly looked away. Bannon dialed Trump’s cell. “Hey,” […]

Bannon and Trump’s Secret Phone Call #BannonFlipped

I have to attend to the celebratory part of Christmas in about an hour, but just wanted to send out a quick “Merry Christmas” to all out there that choose to celebrate that sort of thing. Believe it or not, I don’t care if you don’t. Why a picture of Bill O’Reilly? Well, I guess you could say that its purpose is to infuse you not with gratitude, but with a kind of “fiery Christmas passion.” There are people out there that say politics has no place in a laid-back Christmas atmosphere. I disagree. Have a Merry Christmas, and don’t […]

Drive Safely…

You are probably wondering why there is a picture of Rex Tillerson instead of Trump. Well, not everything has to be about the galoot. Except it sort of is about the shamer-in-chief, but also his Secretary Galoot, Rex. He boasted about having a higher IQ than the embattled diplomat. But Donald did the same thing much earlier in his presidency, bashing Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, calling her “low IQ mika.” Even Rex’s latchkey children at the State Department have used the concept of IQ to bash their leader. Unfortunately, I can’t find the link to that. Something about State Department […]

Trump, IQ, and Social Change

I’ve had a hard time encapsulating The Trump Age until very recently. To me, it seems like a waiting period. A narrow world waiting to expand to something much more life-altering. Just a few things. Do all roads lead to North Korea? The Senate just passed a tax plan that favors, odds are, not you! Will a “Rexit” (love that) pave the way for Cotton? Flynn entered a guilty plea Except that the blender-in-chief put rumors to rest that the antipathy-inspiring Secretary of State isn’t going anywhere (although Trump made a point to mention that he “has the final say”). […]

The Trump Age, “An Anxious Corridor”

So, in my last post, I rambled about wanting to start a new blog, and then rambled some more about which topic I should blog about. There are just so many options. I really want to start another politics blog, but am afraid the market might be saturated with that kind of thing, or maybe I just haven’t found an interesting angle for it yet. The list for topics looks something like this:   Politics A blog about blogging (a little generic, imo) Psychology (interesting, a pet preoccupation throughout the years) Country Livin’ Television Review site Fiction writing   While […]

Different Blogging Topics

Haven’t written a blog post in a long, long time. I’ve decided to write a fairly boring one, just to flex those muscles again! Not sure what to write about. I live in the country now. That’s a start. It’s very quiet. I hear the ticking of clocks, like the kind you’d read about in the prologue to a horror story. If nothing else, those maddening “tick tocks” give your brain a much-needed background in which to think. Let’s see. I’m trying to figure out the direction of this blog, and whether or not it makes sense to start a […]

Deciding to Get Back into the Blogging Game

US deployments remain the same in the region Alert status has not changed Channels of communication between US and North Korea are open Doesn’t look like verbal hostilities will cease, until either diplomacy wins out or that big blinding fireball rips apart the horizon. Trump supporters love that kind of tough talk, finding in him a man that will stick up for them when no one else will. But, it isn’t clear if: Trump will “stick up” for Guam His supporters realize the magnitude of the situation (of Guam and Earth in general) If we’ll all be annihilated. You know […]

Should We “Calm Down” about North Korea?

Not much going on today. Working on some freelance writing to pay the bills, and trying to think of titles for my amazon series idea. Worked on novel a bit. Writing a blog post. Sometimes it feels like there are too many projects going. How the hell do you come up with a good title, anyway? The idea is pretty much fleshed out, now I just need a good title. It’s always the damn title that gets me.


So, July has come and gone. I figured I would report my end of month stats, as a little progress marker. Might make this a regular thing. Might not. Probably will though. Let’s see. I started posting in this blog regularly in February of this year. Since then, the stats are as follows. 2017 total views: 5.5k Highest month for views (June): 1.9k July: 1.5k Followers: 324 Took a bit of a hiatus in July due to vacation. Hope to ramp it up again for August. I’ll have to find some way to distract myself from the fact that I’m […]

End of Month Stats

Beset with difficulties Not diffident Nor remorseful He traipses across the vast clay territory Not quite judicious Not exactly seeking redemption Our Beleaguered POTUS pens a letter The ink a never-ending supply of reprisal What is a man to do when the plain folds up and turns to the sky? Loyalty is trending now A mighty royal word only used in the worst of cases Redefined constantly by a blue-blooded bastard* *But trump (with a lowercase “t”) isn’t royalty. Has it ever occurred to “the people” that such historical analogies fuel the narrative of being untouchable, superior, and above it […]

President Trump, Our Beleaguered POTUS

The last post I made on here was 9 days ago. I think this is because I’ve resumed writing on my novel again and have a difficult time juggling many creative projects and sustaining interest in them simultaneously. What a monumental task this has been! It started out as a short story, then I wrote an extension to that story. Not satisfied with that, I wrote a replacement for that extension, only to finally decide to merge the two and write a novel. So far I’ve finished one novella, (which was actually one long poem with not very good dialogue), […]

Ebb and Flow of Writing

Lo, a fever dream had taken hold In midday Maine The heavenly disk shot across a mind’s horizon Leaving nothing but streaks of color They weren’t hope But momentary entertainment Little caskets Shaking darlings Cackling statesmen All those collided in an endless galaxy Waiting for reprieve But supposedly nature didn’t give second chances Only brief rainbow rays of fortune Maybe the statesmen were right Under the new laws However unwritten or pushed into the future That children were just passengers Waiting for their caskets to slow down or speed up Passenger

Opioids, A Fever Dream

A Rex Walketh about Like a roaring lion Devouring the Capitol Causing disgrace Swinging among tweets Hopscotching over a turtle The Rex comments on its own Gigantic head Woefully short arms Ineffectual hunting skills Beady dead eyes waiting for the end of the world The turtle’s shadow dwarfs a now mighty carcass Waiting to be unseen For the inevitable to transpire Everything seemed cleansed already As scalpels were removed and stethoscopes sheathed The turtle smiled in satisfaction as its green skin Flowed from cavity to cavity Hidden by fiscal grace And messages from eternal fire Snack

Mitch McConnell/Trump Dance of Death

If the mechanical face were turned on its head It would shine forever As things stood though The sphere was already looking to new horizons Lakes grew to accommodate A dying dwarf Since it had spoken Causing all bodies To heed extraterrestrial flames No will had been written yet So everything still churned in chaos Waiting to be released via Daily Prompt: Sunny

Mechanical Shining Dwarf

Replace “banana” with “personality” and you get the idea. Sometimes you wonder if they can be convinced. Sometimes you wonder if they subsist on their idea of a charismatic and industrious personality that will save them in the end. Perhaps you say that it’s a matter of “coverage.” That if enough well-written articles confront their collective consciousness they will be convinced of the innumerable errors of their ways. More media coverage won’t dismantle their beliefs. Which isn’t meant to suggest that media coverage should cease. No. I’m in favor of superficial indicators that democracy is chugging happily along. But back […]

Trump Supporters and Convincing Them-Are We On Our Way to ...

Too late for sorrow It was malice that provided sustenance If only Plan A had worked out That would’ve meant the universe was on his side But there would be other plans more efficient More palatable to the grand scheme of things Something akin to diving grace would strike at any moment The road offered some peace of mind Waiting as it did to existence in his mind’s eye Only some miles to go before mild redemption Maybe they rolled out like a beautiful quilt To test a demigod’s patience And make him stronger

A Narcissist’s Trinket

Jared stared out at the lush green “clouds” for awhile, imagining that anything below didn’t warrant his attention because he was so far above them. In reality, they were just trees that would die, and he wasn’t so much far above them as he was just barely. Still, just barely could be stretched to create a world’s length between him and the motley crew below. An angry orange sphere was falling in slow motion through the green canopy dotted with rooftops. Some chimneys jutted from the canopy too, trying to capture their meager slices of color before the moon came […]

State of Emergency, Part 3

To fear the contraption Is unholy Why cringe at the thing That will remove what ails you? Your expression isn’t improving Indeed it’s only darkening This seems like a malady I can’t cure The petulance The cringing They are symptoms of a wraith-like madness Were you bitten by a wraith lately? A phantasm or perhaps a different form of otherness? Prognosis isn’t good Let’s pray to the gods of science After all, they are the sages that have made this couch and even your cringing possible Cringe

On the Altar of Heaven and Objectivity

A gargoyle fell through space and time Landing on top of concrete City unknown Date unknown Level of human advancement irrelevant Vagueness felt good for awhile Possibilities dotted the skyline Maybe some other motivation had planted its foot Buildings aspired to be among clouds for different reasons Then a conversation took place Meanwhile talons tapped impenetrable floors Thinking it would be nice to end the other being What happened next was an illusion Filtered through the rain and moonlight They tossed aside prejudices In favor of grit and truth Illusion

First Impression

It rose from the white rectangle Not even half a man Maybe three quarters if it was lucky Finally free, it assaulted the oak plains Running wild and swiping at children’s fortresses Trying to gain a sense of self Or at least food for the cold night ahead But it forgot to chase the light Which went away at the speed of itself So the paper being fumbled around in the dark Trying to find a structure it hadn’t destroyed It got lucky again Huddling alone in a garish bunker Wondering when the light would return Paper

Rising From the Sheet

You know, I’ve been trying to stick to my A Wasteland President series. While I posted another installment yesterday, I’m just not feeling it at the moment. Mind is in a “warning! warning!” state, so politics naturally is losing its luster. I’ll probably go back to it eventually, but in the meantime I might write fiction that goes with the grain rather than upstream, which sounds like it’ll be less rebellious, but the opposite is true. But I just got to thinking. Politics doesn’t need to be in the foreground to persevere. You can write on topics relevant to current life […]

Warning! Warning!

It was still dark when Donald raided another Shocko Bell. The stars glittered as he casually devoured the chicken tacos placed haphazardly on his lap. He didn’t know what Barack was on about. Go up to the counter, ask for good, receive food. Simple as that. Plus, he was showing the world that he didn’t need the Secret Service or private jets or adulation to survive. He could survive on the purified nut of mother nature. The parking lot of the Shocko Bell was understandably empty, except for Donald of course. More cow-faced cats prowled beyond the lights provided by […]

A Wasteland President, Part 16

Apparently, you can use the like button too frequently. Strange. I wasn’t aware there was a cap. I understand that cuts down on spam, but as another blogger said, I go through spurts of both reading and interacting…which I guess some might deem as “spamming.” Anyway, maybe “objectively” I clicked the button too quickly and repeatedly, but I’m still a person. Worthy of respect and having his “like” button back. Admittedly, I might have gotten a little crazy with it, but unless you set a clear limit on something, I’m probably going to exceed it. It’s what it means to […]

All of a sudden, his life changed…

Adam West, American Icon, Beloved Bat, his titles are numerous and infinite. He achieved fame during his portrayal of Batman in the 1960s television show. But rather than mourn the bat, the best friend of everyone’s silver screen, it’s time to mourn the three-dimensional man beyond the bat. Mr. West’s career extended far beyond the Caped Cruiser, touching with his bright star various cop procedurals and westerns. He also lent his voice to The Simpsons and starred in The Big Bang Theory. He was the voice of the mayor in Family Guy. But a man is not just his celebrity, he is […]

Adam West-A little Empathy is in Order

Donald quickly closed his eyes and titled his head, in an effort to look unconscious. Unfortunately within less than a minute, he was unconscious, surfing the waves of the day’s events. He was fighting off a giant lyme tick on the shores of a tumultuous sea. James Comey walked casually along the beach, kicking up sand and sea shells. “Comey! Hey!…James!” Donald yelled, but Comey kept walking, head down. As he reached the edge of Donald’s dreamscape, a Bannon orc materialized from a shimmering portal, cutting Comey down and vanishing back through the portal in the blink of an eye. Donald […]

A Wasteland President, Part 15

Trump didn’t know what to do. He was scared, alone, and hungry. And mildly claustrophobic. “I don’t know who to blame,” he whispered. “Mitch, Barack, Michelle. They’re all dirty, as far as I’m concerned.” He slithered through the vents like a snake, wondering where his next meal was going to coming from. But the exercise was erasing his mind. Everything seemed clear now. Bannon wanted the FBI smeared in time for election season. What possible purpose could that serve? “Looks like I underestimated you, Steve. Good job.” Donald was seeing light at the end of the tunnel, even though he […]

A Wasteland President, Part 14

I was supposed to write another chapter in my political satire story A Wasteland President today, but wasn’t feeling up to the monumental task. I think it’s shaping up pretty well, but am having trouble making the overall plot “cohere.” Is that really it, though? I’ve developed this nasty habit of starting an ambitious yarn only to let it unravel at my feet. Typical hubris of the writer? Possibly. But I have so many ideas at any given time that it is truly difficult to focus on just one of them. Hubris would take too much sustained attention. I have to finish this […]

24 hrs w/o fiction

Trump had a sense of optimism at first. Now this was more like it! The buildings had gold trim. The walkways were clear and he saw a peculiar nobility in the eyes of those he walked past. They brandished gold clubs like they were the most natural, beautiful things in the world. “I thought we were supposed to go to Washington and get some files,” Trump said. “Donald, sometimes you have to understand that life happens in sequence. You can’t just skip ahead to the bits you like.” “That’s not true. Nope. Not true at all. There are a lot […]

A Wasteland President, Part 12

I have this post-apocalyptic setting almost all figured out. Trump (the main character) doesn’t get off that easily via my own laziness and poor motivational skills. He’s gonna have to deal with this post-apocalypse one way or another. Last we saw him, he was being pulled through a Shocko Bell drive-thru window (because in fiction, you always have to end on a cliffhanger). So stay tuned. Anything could happen.  

More “A Wasteland President” after a short break

Blogging feels like “sending products down an assembly line” sometimes. A post has to be similar enough to what came before. Which makes sense for the readers. And it’s not like this is particularly insightful. I’ve written about this before.  But it’s a recurring theme that I find a little frustrating. Sometime frustration with a structure begets that structure. Vigilance towards a pattern can heighten it. “A man who says the same thing twice turns himself into a broken record.”  

Blogs and Capitalist Packaging

Boy. This is a tough one.  What helps with sustaining motivation to write for your blog? I find it has very little to do with a personal philosophy. “Just do it for fun. Do it to explore your interests and maybe gain some contacts along the way.” Sure, it’s a suitable enough premise. More than that though? I find it’s the habit itself that propels you to be productive. You find it has become a habit when you don’t have access to make a post, etc. Like any habit, it will sustain itself with very little conscious effort on your […]

Blogging and the Key to Motivation

He watches the garden through his window Thanking the neighbor girl for spotted dough Now is a time for reflection To understand the flow of time To assimilate the mind with a broader human nature He was calm in the moment Toying with the overdone circle Quietly devouring chocolate Careful not to make a scene The garden swayed obediently Amusing the former director The tomatoes were hyper-vigiliant They even quivered between their metal holders Wondering when fatigue would set in “They will make fine ingredients some day” Comey thought “They have to develop just a little bit more” ” So […]

Mr. Comey

Is it worth it to have more than one blog? There’s a common refrain that says that splitting your resources doubles your chances of winning. In the blogoverse though, is that often the case? Juggling even just two blogs will challenge your reserves of discipline, for one thing. You’ll have to constantly be vigilant that your second blog is getting an adequate amount of attention to justify its existence. If you have two blogs, one will always be subservient to the other While you can combat this tendency by being vigilant that you post in either blog an equal amount, […]

Blogging and Splitting Your Resources

Does your blog lack focus? Does it matter?  I guess it makes sense that a blog should center on one topic or theme. That way, you at least can count on that blog to kick out the kind of content that you’re looking for. Writers find their niche, and those interested in the topic will find their content. This seems fairly simple. But what if you are interested in a variety of topics and wish to write about all of them while garnering a respectable audience? Why just the other day I was talking about being indecisive about writing about […]

Blogs That Focus on a Single Topic